One of the most common questions I get is, “what got you into leatherworking?" The truth is there are several reasons, but the biggest was my desire for a quality belt. Every belt I purchased I had to replace within a year...sometimes two if I was lucky. Tired of the frustration I decided to make my own.  My "Formal Lifetime Belt" is a dressier version of the everyday belt that got me into leatherworking.

I've continued to make improvements and learn from my early belt-making projects.  Unlike the belts you find at malls, this one's made from a single solid piece of 8 ounce craftsman cow leather.  Surly Dragon's Lifetime Belt is the same material thickness and type that Roman Legionnaires used to make their body armor.  Not only durable, you'll find a belt of this substance is a pleasure to wear.  And in a time when planned obsolescence may be a standard some companies are comfortable with, not here at Surly Dragon.  We figure that with billions of hips worldwide to satisfy we have plenty of people to keep us busy.  So we're just fine if our customers only buy one Surly Dragon Lifetime Belt...once you own our belts then maybe a Lifetime Wallet, Lifetime Briefcase or other lifetime product produced by Surly Dragon?  Surly Dragon Formal Lifetime Belts are available in black or brown.  Each belt is made to order.  


Choose between 1", 1 1/4", or 1 1/2" wide.  Sizes range from 28" to 60" waists (for larger belts reach out to me directly for a custom belt).  

Every Surly Standard Belt comes with a lifetime warranty (click here for details).



With the quality of this belt backed by my lifetime warranty this will be the last belt you ever need to buy… unless you want it in brown, then I suggest you buy two.

Formal Lifetime Belt

Hardware Finish